Particle der Woche #003 – Some roots of Electro, Techno & Hip-Hop

Today we’ll have a look at some of the most influential driving forces behind #Electro, #Techno & #Hip-Hop. Those genres are certainly among the most popular genres throughout the western world. However, this means, not in every part of the world these genres are as popular as they might be in western countries. That is why we’ll continue our journey through music history in succeeding episodes to dig out great influences of contemporary music in other parts of the world.


Delia Ann Derbyshire was certainly one of the most important pioneers of music generated with transistors, tubes, resistors, condensers, capacitor and the like, why she deserves the title “Grandma of #Electro” more than anybody else.

1963 She brought “Doctor Who” – the BBC television series – to live by creating theme and its signature sound effects that are still present in the current versions of the theme.

A decade later some German guys form North Rhine-Westphalia should achieve that a wider audience around the globe wourld appreciate the new possibilities and experiments of #Electro music productions.

Kraftwerk was even the first European band that would reach the top ten of the American charts with their tune “Autobahn” (1974).

Some might argue Giovanni Giorgio Moroder ‘s work was more manistream in the sense, that he deliberately chose to composed music for the masses, nevertheless his creations were cutting edge and far ahead of its time.

His work with Donna Summer (1977) “I feel love” wasn’t only the start of a new disco era and inspired David Bowie and the like, it was also a brilliant reinterpretation of an Ostinato


A few years later (1982) Afrika Bambaata provided a condensed vision of new electronic music in the form of “Planet Rock”. Although his personal live is highly controversial until today, his marks in music history are undeniable.


Afrika Bambaata is not only one of the greatest inspirations for #Hip-Hop and its advocates and protagonists. He also inspired the early producers of electronic music like Juan Atkins (aka. Model 500) and Derrick May which later would label their style of music #Techno – what was the birth of #Detroit Techno.