Particle der Woche #004 – Security & Privacy

Maybe some of you have followed the news on cyber attacks and breaches during the past months. It is becoming more and more obvious that we have entered an area in which internet security and cyber warfare are a daily reality. Still a lot of virtual citizens and internet user seem not to care that much about there security and the right to keep their lives private. States and private organizations seem to have lost their ethical compasses and instead of an exception it has become the new norm to intrude on peoples privacy. Advocates of digital liberty and self-sovereignty like Eduard Snowden have warned about theses developments. Since nation states have become under huge pressure due to the pandemic and rising global tensions between the U.S, China and Russia it seems justifiable that free citizens become more and more the victim of private and state-run mass-surveillance. Even though the free-software movement tries to gain back some privacy and liberty in the virtual world and in the cyberspace the problem run much deeper.

The vast majority of vulnerabilities that are later discovered and exploited by the Insecurity Industry are introduced, for technical reasons related to how a computer keeps track of what it’s supposed to be doing, at the exact time the code is written, which makes choosing a safer language a crucial protection… and yet it’s one that few ever undertake.” The Insecurity Industry – Eduard Snowden

Eduard Snowden points out that on the most fundamental layer, the code language vulnerabilities are inherent. Even software engineers of Google acknowledge the fact that more works on the kernel of Linux is necessary to compensate for the vulnerabilities of the coding language.

With Linux written in C, it will continue to have a long tail of associated problems. Linux must be designed to take proactive steps to defend itself from its own risks. Cars have seat belts not because we want to crash, but because it is guaranteed to happen sometimes.” Linux Kernel Security Done Right – Kees Cook

This shows how fragile the internet and the infrastructure actually is. Even though most user experience the internet still as a bit bumpy sometimes, the general impression most often is, that if adequate security measures are in place the whole things is supposed to work properly. But taking the arguments of Eduard Snowden and Kees Cook into account, the opposite seems to be true.

As security and privacy are absolutely crucial to the evolution of a society, we will explore this topic in more depth.

What solutions are available to improve your privacy and internet security? What projects and communities try to improve the status quo? …. to be continued….

Particle der Woche #003 – Some roots of Electro, Techno & Hip-Hop

Today we’ll have a look at some of the most influential driving forces behind #Electro, #Techno & #Hip-Hop. Those genres are certainly among the most popular genres throughout the western world. However, this means, not in every part of the world these genres are as popular as they might be in western countries. That is why we’ll continue our journey through music history in succeeding episodes to dig out great influences of contemporary music in other parts of the world.


Delia Ann Derbyshire was certainly one of the most important pioneers of music generated with transistors, tubes, resistors, condensers, capacitor and the like, why she deserves the title “Grandma of #Electro” more than anybody else.

1963 She brought “Doctor Who” – the BBC television series – to live by creating theme and its signature sound effects that are still present in the current versions of the theme.

A decade later some German guys form North Rhine-Westphalia should achieve that a wider audience around the globe wourld appreciate the new possibilities and experiments of #Electro music productions.

Kraftwerk was even the first European band that would reach the top ten of the American charts with their tune “Autobahn” (1974).

Some might argue Giovanni Giorgio Moroder ‘s work was more manistream in the sense, that he deliberately chose to composed music for the masses, nevertheless his creations were cutting edge and far ahead of its time.

His work with Donna Summer (1977) “I feel love” wasn’t only the start of a new disco era and inspired David Bowie and the like, it was also a brilliant reinterpretation of an Ostinato


A few years later (1982) Afrika Bambaata provided a condensed vision of new electronic music in the form of “Planet Rock”. Although his personal live is highly controversial until today, his marks in music history are undeniable.


Afrika Bambaata is not only one of the greatest inspirations for #Hip-Hop and its advocates and protagonists. He also inspired the early producers of electronic music like Juan Atkins (aka. Model 500) and Derrick May which later would label their style of music #Techno – what was the birth of #Detroit Techno.

Particle der Woche #001

Starting with a Megatuna by Deena Abdelwhed! A Tunisian producer and DJ speaking with her on voice fusing the contemporary with tradition.

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“An Ihre Stelle sollten die treten, die den Hauch des göttlichen Geistes verspürt und infolge davon eine Botschaft von höchstem Wert und größter Wichtigkeit zu verkündigen haben und die eben deshalb diese Botschaft mit solcher Schönheit und so hinreißender Kraft aussprechen können, dass sie alle Seelen gewinnen.”

Welt Retten

“Wenn wir die große Wahrheit ganz erkennen, dass Übel, Irrtum und Sünde mit all den Leiden, die Sie im Gefolge haben nur aus der Unwissenheit entspringen, dann werden wir jedem, der unter ihnen leidet, mit dem rechten Sinn gegenübertreten, nämlich mit einem Herzen voll Mitgefühl und Mitleid.”

In Harmonie mit dem Unendlichen – Ralph Waldo Trine.

We are comrades – Part I

A fiction of the present.

Have you asked yourself what is necessary to transform capitalism?

Do you know what probably Karl Marx’s most valuable contribution to the understanding of economics and the behavior of human networks was?

What does infrastructure matter?
Join us on a fictional journey to explore these questions.

Nur ein Witz ….

“Furcht und Mangel an Glauben gehen Hand in Hand: das eine entsteht aus dem anderen. Sage mir, wie stark Du zur Furcht neigst, und ich will Dir sagen, wie wenig Glauben Du hast. Furcht ist der kostspieligste Gast, den wir bewirten können, ebenso wie Aufregung: beide sind so kostspielig, dass niemand Mittel genug hat, um sie zufrieden zu stellen.”

In Harmonie mit dem Unendlichen – Ralph Waldo Trine.